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Pay To Play rules
Rules are Simple

Attire and Registration:
-Proper foot wear for everyone on the course, riding or on foot
-Proper head gear highly suggested for all riders
-Long pants for all riders
(Without proper riding gear you can’t ride the course, be sure to come prepared)
-Current Negative Coggins papers with you at registration
-Back number provided by HWSC-ET (not your pleasure back number)
-No horses are allowed on the course without HWSC-ET staff.

Horse and Rider:
-Respect yourself
-Respect your horse
-Respect the course
-Respect others around you
— Excessive spurring or yanking will be sought out and handled accordingly by administrators of the course only. If you see something, don’t say anything but please bring to admins attention. —

When on the course during pay to play (PtP) time:
-Be aware of your horse
-Be aware of others around you
-Ride safe for you and other around you
-If your horse is bulking at an obstacle get off and lead. Ask a neighboring rider for help. Seek help from HWSC-ET staff. Take a few minuets away then return (-this is an important one – it gives you and your horse a chance to breath, rethink, rework yourself while giving others a chance on that obstacle-)
-Remember there are lots to do so don’t get congested around one obstacle. If you are socializing leave room between you and the obstacles for others to do it while you are there.
-This is a family atmosphere, encourage self-gratification within you and your horse.

This venue is not like the trail, this is an extreme challenge both mentally and physically for horse and rider.

Hours and clinics may vary. Check the events list. Special times are available for single rides, groups, and clinics, please contact Kris Lamb or Tammy VanDyke